Safeguard Insurance

Our Ethos

We are at the beck and call of all our clients. We deliver protection to your doorstep.

In its most simplistic explanation, insurance is simply a promise to pay claims upon the occurrence of a specified event or loss. The reality however is that, successfully going through the claims process to obtain compensation from insurers can be cumbersome. Generally, it has been established that it takes longer for most insurers to pay claims when there is no broker involved than when there is one involved.

At Safeguard, we have the track record of helping our clients get settlement for their claims in record times, usually within a week. This is because we know how to gather all the documents needed to make a successful claim, and also have the required influence in the insurance industry.

Based on our expertise and experience, we have always succeeded in getting our clients the best premium quotations on the market.

Once we have details of your current insurance portfolio, we can demonstrate to you in more details the level of reduction we can get you on your policies.